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Travel Toraja, Sulawesi and East Indonesia with Nell Tours Makassar
Travel Toraja, Sulawesi and East Indonesia with Nell Tours Makassar
Travel Toraja, Sulawesi and East Indonesia with Nell Tours Makassar
Travel Toraja, Sulawesi and East Indonesia with Nell Tours Makassar
The island of Sulawesi contains a great variety of exotic people,landscapes and natural wonders. It is still beautiful, cultural, historical, friendly and peaceful as ever before. A rare Adventure-Tour destination that is becoming popular with those in search of the exotic.

NELL - Your personalized Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Indonesia - are very pleased to introduce you to our Best Offers on many diverse Tour Destinations all over the Indonesia's Eastern Islands ;

SULAWESI - The unknown exciting land of seas-farers & ancient rituals.

KALIMANTAN The Dayak tribes with their Long Houses and OrangUtan.

IRIAN JAYA The West Papua with Their stone-age culture.

MALUKU - The Spice Islands with its best spot of birding in Indonesia.

LOMBOK - In some ways is like BALI of the past.

SUMBA - Known for its spectacular Ikat Weaving and Megalithic tombs.

FLORES - The island of Three colour lakes on Mt. Kelimutu.

KOMODO The island of three metre Lizards known as Komodo Dragon.

The Above are those best known cultural, historical and truly exotic holiday destinations in East Indonesia after Bali.

With over 20 years of experience in handling trips within Sulawesi and other Eastern Indonesia islands. We ensure you that we can take you to visit "untouristy" and remote areas to meet the local tribes, observing the endangered animals or hiking up the mountains and volcanoes. All of our designed-package tours are led directly by our own local Experienced-Tour Guides and the Itineraries with its conditions are flexible. Furthermore, Prices, Budget and Time Requirements are always tailored according to your special need.

Read what our satisfied clients say about NELL Tours in Sulawesi

Let us take you through your next-trip to enjoy an exciting tour arrangements within Sulawesi and Indonesia's Eastern islands.

Make this year you come to join our tours to take the advantage of our Special Offer and find the availability within the particular destination you are planning to visit.

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We have also special offers and commercial business for all Travel Agencies & Tour Operators.
We can arrange your trips in sulawesi, toraja, manado, celebes, lore lindu, sengkang, bira, irian jaya, kalimantan, borneo, indonesia

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If you'd like to get information of any trips within Indonesia Islands that you can't find in our site, we'll be happy to provide it to you upon request.

Whenever you have any requirement about any kind of travel service in INDONESIA, just ask us before finalizing your booking with anyone and compare our rates & services


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